Company History

Image4Since 1984, Neotek, Inc. has been manufacturing and installing cold cathode and neon systems for lighting designers and architects worldwide. By creating the first patented and UL approved cold
cathode fixture with a self-contained transformer, Neotek changed the way cold cathode had been installed since the 1920’s.

In 2012, Neotek began designing the use of custom LED light fixtures for projects. Neotek works closely with lighting designers creating custom LED fixtures to enhance the lighting of their projects. Utilizing both stock designs and our ability of creating and fabricating new fixtures, Neotek is one of the leaders in providing quality LED light systems.

For over 30 years, Neotek, Inc. has been an architectural lighting company helping the designers and end-users create the best lighting for their projects. We have worked closely with award winning lighting designers, implementing their designs and meeting their highly creative goals. The company has built its reputation by providing quality service, installation and products.