Custom Design

Neotek offers one of a kind custom designs for customers to get that unique look they want. We work closely with lighting designers to make the designs they create. With our years of experience along with our specialized manufacturing equipment, we can create parts that are not already available. Working closely with raw materials suppliers, we can help to keep cost down so your custom project can stay within budget.

Our equipment is state of the art and extremely accurate CNC machine. The CNC machine allows us to input a design into the computer then simply have the part cut out of the desired material. With the machine being an XYZ routing table this allows us to create many different shapes in all axis’s. All parts are cut to within 1000’s of an inch to be sure of a tight quality fit. Along with the CNC capabilities we have many other machines and equipment to custom fabricate your next project.

Please contact us for your next project and let us know what we can do to help you create your next  custom design.