Neotek is a full service company. We offer the full package from design to installations to service on existing systems. Our highly trained installers are very knowledgeable in the lighting systems we offer.  The install teams are professional and courteous and will offer you the best customer service.

Neotek can take measurements of lighting areas, acquire the appropriate equipment to install, and work
with contractors to be sure all needs are met. While all systems can be bought as kits and installed by your electrician, sometimes it is nice to have one of our teams there to install the lighting system with our expertise. We have been manufacturing and installing lighting systems for over 30 years and our teams are fast, reliable, and give the customer the quality you expect.

We are more than capable in helping you update older lighting systems. Our teams can service many different types of existing Cold Cathode and LED. Older Cold Cathode lighting can be converted to LED.
If you currently have a Neotek CCF system, see our retrofit that we offer in the LED section of this  website.